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Special Good Morning Prayer for my Husband

As a woman praying for your husband is a love language. Praying is part of our lives as Christians, and there are so many beautiful morning prayers and bible verses. One of the best ways to keep our husbands safe is to pray for them.

It’s the most heartwarming manner we can think of to shower God’s kindness and blessings upon him, which is ultimately a boon to ourselves.

Morning is the best time to pray for the success of our dear husband’s day because it is the time when God is most likely to hear and answer prayers. Your husband is your crown, your king and your treasure. Someone rightly said if you have found a husband, you have found the best gift in life.

How romantic and interesting for him to wake up with a special good morning prayer from the love of his life! As a service to my fellow women, I have created a list of special good morning prayers for my husband that you can use to help him begin each day basking in God’s grace.

This article will provide you with an amazing collection of sweet, deep and highly spiritual prayer content for your beloved husband.

Send any of these powerful prayers to your husband. It is the best early morning gift you can offer him.

Good Morning Prayer Message for My Beloved Husband

Prayer is powerful. With it, you can move mountains. Wake your husband up to a heartfelt prayer. Every man adores a praying wife. There’s power in a praying wife.

Having you in my life has always been a blessing. I pray to God to give you a reason to be happy always. Good morning my belove husband.

Good morning my dear husband, look up to God for everything today, he will be there for you.

Good morning, my darling husband. Wake up to new possibilities. As you go to work today, may God’s abiding presence be with you on every step you take, may you have success on whatever you lay your hands on.

My darling husband, it’s another wonderful day that the Lord has made, May today be a day of great success in your life. Good morning, treasure.

May God bless you, my husband, may He grant you the desires of your heart. I wish you great things today and all through life.

My lovely husband, as you wake up today, it’s my prayer to God to bless you in all ways. May your job be more profitable and may you have a stressfree day. I love you so much.

My crown, you are a blessing from God. I pray the Lord be with you everywhere you go. May He always protect and bless you. Good morning, sweetheart.

The Lord is a faithful God, may He always go before and after you. God bless you, my world best.

My dear husband, as you wake up this morning, I pray for God’s blessings and guidance in your life. I will ever love you.

May the sunshine and brightness of this morning also shine in your life, I love you. Good morning, my King!

As you wake up and start your daily work, may God be with you, may he be your protector and guide. Sending you loads of love and kisses.

Darling, as you step out of the house this morning, it’s my humble prayer to the Lord to grant you every desire of your heart. Amen. Good morning, loml.

Good morning my love, I pray that your day is filled with peace, joy, and happiness. May the doors of success open unto you my beloved. I love you forever!

My prayer for you this morning, my husband, is God to fill your heart with joy and happiness. Have a wonderful day, Sweetheart. Good morning.

As you step out of the house this morning, may your day be filled with great success. May everything you touch be an opportunity for you. Good morning, darling.

Darling, may the blessings of this beautiful morning come your way as you go on with your daily work. Good morning, loml.

Lord, I pray that you might bless my husband, be with him in everything he does, protect him and bring him home safe. Amen. I’m sincerely praying for you, love.

Good morning, sweetie. As we start our day with this bright beautiful sunrise, I pray that your day be filled with positivity and joy. Have a great day.

Good morning, love. Today wherever you go or stay, you shall find goodness there. Everything shall work fine and favour you. You will be associated with only good. Have a lovely day, dear.

I pray the light of God shines on your path today and every other day. May He guide you in every step you take. You shall achieve greatness. Good morning, dear.

Good morning, my lovely husband. I pray the good Lord grants you all your heart desires, all your prayers shall be answered. No evil shall come near you. Have a fun-filled day, love.

Good morning, dear. I pray God Almighty commands his angels to guide you and show you the right path today. Have a splendid day ahead.

Good morning, my love. Before this beautiful day ends, I pray you have many reasons to sing praises to God. Your blessings shall be massive and amazing.

Good morning, my dearest husband. I’m grateful to God that we have made it this far in life. May our life be full of laughter, happiness, and unending celebration.

Good morning, love. May your day go smooth, peaceful, and cheerful. You’ll be thankful for today. I love you, dearie.

Good morning, my dear husband. Today you will  be victorious in all aspects of your life. No harm shall happen to you. I love you so much. Have a marvellous day.

Good morning, my lovely husband. I want you to start today with inner peace because the good Lord will bless and reward you tremendously. You shall shine even in darkness. Amen.

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Good Morning Prayers for the man I love but Separated by Distance

You may be separated by distance either because one of you embarked on a journey or you’re working in different cities or countries. The best way you can bridge the gap between you two is by sending him some cute prayers.

We provide you with a geat choice here.

My sweetest heart, hope you are awake and looking fresh and beautiful, I pray that the Lord filled your day with peace and harmony. Feel good cos I love you.

I may not be waking up by your side this morning, but your beautiful thought would always be in my heart. I keep you in the safe hand of God. May He take care of every need of yours today, and make it a lovely day for you.

Good morning my darling husband, as you open those bright eyes of yours and feel the morning sunlight, may the day be successful and peaceful for you. Have an awesome day. Can’t wait to be with you.

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You may not be here with me but every second, my heart fervently prays for you. May your heart desires be brought to fruition this dawn.

You will not experience hardship. Life shall become easy for you starting from this morning. May the love of God be made manifest in your life even as I am far away from you.

I hope you had a wonderful night? As you start this bright new day, may you experience greatness and wonderful surprises. Good morning, love.

My loving husband, may our good Lord, add more joy and happiness to your life. Good morning, darling. I miss you so much.

Good morning sweetheart, you are the only treasure in my life, I adore you dearly. May your happiness be immeasurable in life, have a wonderful day ahead. See you later.

The day is cute as your handsome face, I am lucky to have you in my life and I pray that God guides and protects you in every situation. Good morning my darling husband. See you soon.

Good morning, my dearest husband. Just want to tell you that you are more than precious gold and diamond. I pray that God Almighty keeps you strong and healthy for the rest of your life. I miss you. Please come back home soon…

Being your wife is the best decision in my life, my dearest husband. I will always support and pray for you. I pray that you find favour in the sight of God Almighty today and forever. Good morning sweetie. Can’t wait to see you.

I may not be there with you but prayers can cover a long distance. I call upon the angels of God to guide your path and make every crooked road straight until you get to your promised land.

May the reason you have embarked on this journey be fulfilled. You shall not leave unsatisfied. The grace of God shall perfect you this morning. Good morning, my King.

I love you and I believe the Lord loves you even more. Therefore I pray that His favour shall encompass you this beautiful dawn. Good morning, my heartthrob.

You shall not slave for the devil and the power of sin shall never hold you down. Today shall bring you closer to God. I love you, honey.

In the twinkle of an eye, your problems shall be solved and every seemingly unsurmountable obstacle shall be made plain for your sake, baby.

May Holy Spirit take hold of your heart, you shall not be in a hurry to make it. Nonetheless, the Lord shall hasten your step. My heart is with you over there. Good morning, love.

Your past is erased and a new future has been written for you. You are now a new man. No longer shall you be addressed as the man of yesterday. Good morning, my best man.

May you get the job. May your mission over there be accomplished. Every difficulty you experience shall transform into testimony. Good morning, sweetheart.

Good morning, my heartthrob. The heavens shall cause you to smile endlessly today. You shall be called a blessed man even in a strange land.

Good morning, my love. As you step out today, my prayer for you is that the goodness and mercy of God Almighty be with you. I want you to always stay happy and cheerful. Have a wonderful day.

Good morning, dearest. May the good Lord’s peace and blessings follow you everywhere go today. I wish you a lovely and awesome day. I love you.

Good morning, my darling. No matter the battle you are fighting in life, I pray you to win and attain victory. May God bless you every single moment. Have a peaceful day dear.

Good morning, my darling husband. I pray that sickness shall no longer reside in your body. The Lord shall surround your territory with His guardian angels and protect you from the darts of evil men and women. I can’t wait to see you.

Only good report shall I hear of you. You may be far away but the Lord shall protect you and keep you in one piece until we see again pretty soon. Good morning, loml.

Good morning, angel. I love you so much. I call on God to bless you every minute of the day. May He answer all of my good prayers concerning you, darling.

There’s none like you, baby. May the heavens take care of you even as I am far away from where you are right now. May God bless you richly. Good morning.

Good morning, baby. May your purpose for embarking on this journey become a reality. You shall not have any regrets for taking such a bold step. Love you this morning and to the night time.

Good morning, love. I pray that the Lord shall send you helpers in a strange land. You shall not be isolated nor feel cheated. This day shall bring you across great men and women of destiny.

The Lord shall lift you up and make you sing a new song. I pray that this morning shall be free of dazzles and troubles for you. See you soon, baby.

Good morning baby love. I pray that wisdom, knowledge and understanding shall be upon you today. You shall do exceedingly in all of your duties.

I pray that your dreams shall take flight. The courage you need to run towards accomplishing them all shall be given to you on this bright day.

I have been waiting for the beautiful day I will see your face again. Wake up,my love. It is a day full of heavenly blessings for you. I miss you, though.

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Powerful Morning Prayers for My Husband

How do I pray for my darling husband? You have got to pray for him. Bow your knees and say any of the below prayers for him. His success is your success.

Oh Lord, make today a wonderful day for my husband, guide him wherever he goes, and make his work fruitful.

God, I pray unto you, bless my husband’s work. May he be diligent and successful, Give him wisdom and knowledge in everything he does. Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers. Amen

Dear God, make my husband’s day to be brighter than it was yesterday and better tomorrow. May his day be smooth and may him not labour in vain. May he never regret his actions for you are his strength and guide.

Lord, I ask that you show my husband what it means to walk in your footsteps. Let him grow spiritually and know you better. May he always connect with you. Amen.

Lord, I pray that you would bless my husband, Give him the strength he needs to overcome any challenge that comes his way. First and foremost be His Guide and Protector. Thank you, Lord.

Father in heaven, I praise you for giving me a loving husband, a unique creation. I pray that you may guard his heart and mind, protect him from any temptation. Fill his heart with your word and may he live according to your ways.

Lord, there is this blessing that my husband has been waiting for, years have passed and he has never given up. God, I come before you, make his dreams come true. Bless him abundantly.

Father, I pray that my husband grows nearer to thee, may you be seen in him, and may his strength and identity come from you. Amen

Dear Father, I commit my husband to you this morning. Please, clothe him with strength, grace and favour. Help him to carry all his burden and put a smile on his face, today. Encourage him in every way and increase him on every side in Jesus name. Darling husband, the Lord will go ahead of you today and smoothen every crooked path in your way. That crushing obstacle before you shall turn into overwhelming testimony. It shall be well with you. Amen.

Special Prayer for my Husband’s Protection

How do you pray for the man you love? You need to ask God to keep him protected under His wings. Commit him to God’s hands, and you will feel that sense of security.

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Good morning, my better half. May you move closer to your dreams and far away from the pains of yesteryears. May God cover you with His wings.

I pray to God that you shall sing a new song today and wear a bigger smile. Sorrow and sadness shall not take abode in your dwelling. No evil shall befall you. Love you, baby.

Wherever you may go, I pray that you shall never take the wrong step. The Lord shall order your ways and the decisions you make and keep you safe. Good morning, love.

Good morning, love. The enemies have no power over you, dear. They will continue to fail in all they do. That’s why God Almighty woke you up this beautiful morning strong and healthy. So go and shine, my darling. Good morning.

This morning my earnest prayer is that may the grace to be the best in what you do come upon you. You shall be above and never be beneath. No evil shall befall you. Amen. I love you, honey.

Father, I come before you this morning, as my husband walks out of this house, I pray for his protection. Walk with him everywhere he goes, protect him from any evil or harm intended towards him, but bless him. Amen.

Father, give my husband a good heart, a heart that will serve and worship you. Protect him from evil thoughts that are intended to lead him away from him.

God, as my husband starts this day, I pray for his protection. You are the creator of everything and I know under your wings he will always find protection. Protect him from any trouble whenever he goes; keep any evil far away from him. No matter what he does, let him look unto you for protection. Amen.

Lord, thank you for this day; you are a wonderful and caring God. You are my protector and shield from evil.  Lord, I pray that you might also be a protector to my husband. May your love and goodness be seen in him, let him fear nothing but look unto you in everything he does. Amen.

My husband, may the evil of this world not come your way as the Lord will always be your protector. May He be with you in whatever you do, Amen!

May you enjoy good health. Every spirit that causes you to be weak and helpless is cursed out of your life.

Good Morning Prayers for my Husband’s Success

In the morning, pray for your husband to succeed for the day and all through life. Your number one priority is his success.

Pray any of the below messages for him. Don’t forget to send one to him every morning.

I pray that this day brings you success and joy, love and peace, good morning my dear husband.

Success comes to those who are persistent, hard-working, and smart. You deserve the best things in life; I know success is knocking on your door today. Be blessed, my husband.

Every new day comes with its blessing. May the blessing of today be abundant in your life; wish you God’s protection and guidance.

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Where others have failed, you shall thrive effortlessly. Your hard work shall be rewarded and celebrated, today. Good morning, my lovely husband.

May you sit on the throne of success and be heralded as a winner. The devil will be disgraced concerning anything that has to do with you. Good morning, love.

Every secret tear shall turn into broad smiles and effervescent laughter. Good morning, darling hubby.

I pray that you shall no longer experience failure. You days of trying so hard and seeing little changes are all behind you. Today is a new and prosperous day for you.

May you never fall into the traps of evil men and women who disguise themselves as friends. You shall enjoy the spirit of discernment. May you succeed in all you do. Amen.

I pray that progress shall be your portion. I rebuke the spirit of stagnancy out of your life, darling husband.

May God meet you at the point of your need. There shall be a turn around for you and the family we’re building together. Good morning, my sweetheart.

I pray that the wisdom of God shall reside in you. No longer shall you take the wrong decisions. May God crown your days with good success. Have a blessed morning.

You shall become a new man today. The world shall acknowledge your greatness and celebrate your achievement. Have a successful day, my love.

The big breakthrough your heart longs for like a deer that pants for the waters shall emerge this morning. You are blessed, hubby.

Every contrary spirit that resides in you is cast out. Never shall they take hold of you again. You shall fulfil your calling as a husband and father. Good morning, handsome.

I pray that the wisdom to lead every sphere of your life shall be given to you. The grace to do what the Holy Spirit instructs of you shall fall upon you. Good morning, darling.

I pray that no matter the hardship you may have experienced in the past years, this morning, the Lord shall rewrite your story for good. Good morning, hubby.

As you begin your day it shall not end poorly. You shall move forward and have every reason to rejoice when its dusk. Have a pleasant day, baby.

I pray that your hand shall be diligent and fruitful. You shall not be weary of working hard and remaining dedicated to your work. I pray that you shall enjoy good success today.

Baby, my prayers for you this morning is that you experience peace and joy like no one gives but of God alone.

Every spirit of fear hindering you from taking huge steps is cast out in Jesus name. You shall walk around with the boldness of the Holy Spirit. Have a successful day, my love.

May you never encounter misery today. You shall taste the favour of God. His mercy shall speak for you till eternity, baby.

May you never be denied what belongs to you. Every good gift assigned to you shall you find today in Jesus name. Amen. Good morning, love.

Sweet and Short Good Morning Text Message to Your Man

Make the love of your life very excited every morning by sharing one of the following messages with him. A simple text message will do the magic.

My baby, may the sun shine down on you as a form of blessings and favour.

Good morning my sunshine, may the Lord enrich your heart and brighten your day with heavenly light. A mighty glory awaits you today.

Good morning my shining star, may the Lord make every single minute of your day a joyful one. Feel good and enjoy your day.

Good morning my angel, I know you have expectations today, may the Lord make every single of them successful, I love you.

As we wake up unto a new day, I pray that it be the most awesome day for you ever in your life.

Wake up my darling handsome, there is a beautiful day full of God’s bounties waiting for you.

Darling, good morning, I truly love you will with all my heart. I pray the Lord opens uncountable doors of blessings and glories for you today. May you witness wonderful growth in your life today.

May the Lord bless your life as you enter a new day today. May the day bring you divine favour. Good morning my sweet husband. You are always in my heart.

We are here today by the grace of God, I ask Him for all the good of today for you and every member of our family. Good morning, Sunshine.

You have always being a loving and caring husband, as the sun rises this morning, I pray the Lord to descend his love and blessing from heaven upon your life. Good morning, I love you.

Open your eyes, my love, it is a day full of hope and light, I pray to God to make it a great day for you.

Good morning my sunshine. Thank you for being the most amazing husband to me. May you have a cheerful day full of God’s infinite mercy. Wishing you all the best.

A husband like you are rare to find. I’m so lucky to have you as my husband, may the Lord make this day a blessed day for you. Good morning, heartthrob.

As you rise from bed this morning, I pray that it be a beautiful day for you, may the Lord make everything that you lay your hand upon fruitful, and have a great day my angel. Good morning.

Good morning King of my heart, I pray you to find peace of mind in everything you do today; everything shall work fine for you, by the special grace of God.

The day is bright and beautiful, I asked God for his mercy upon your life. I love you. Do have a blessed day, my love.

Good morning my charming king. May the Lord bless you with peace and joy.

Good morning, Sweetie. I pray that God Almighty open doors of blessings and prosperity in your life today. I love you.

Wake up, my darling husband. The Lord has made it a great day for you.

Another new day has come, I ask God to make it a memorable day for you. Keep your hopes alive. I love you.

Never give on that beautiful dream. God is your strength. Good morning my amazing husband.

Good morning, sweetie. Anything you do today will be blessed, and your goodness shall increase and never decrease.

Good morning, love. All your hard work will not be in vain because the blessings of God Almighty will follow you in everything you do. Have a wonderful day ahead, dear.

You’re a wonderful husband. Therefore, God’s blessings, favour, and protection shall be with you for the rest of your life. Good morning, sweetie.

Prayer for My Husband at Work

Keep praying for him. Pray for his work every morning. Pray that all go well with him. Let him know you are praying for him. Would you mind sharing any of these with him?

My husband, as you go to work today, I pray to the living God to give you success. May the work you do never be in vain. Amen.

My husband, I pray that the work you do every day may be a door to greater things in life.

I know you have been praying so hard to get this job, may the Lord answer your prayer, and may you never lack in life.

Darling, may success visit you today as you go on with your daily work. May the Lord be with you and may you never struggle to be successful.

Dear husband, I pray that the Lord visits you at your workplace with great blessings. May the blessings be greater than you ever imagined.

As you step out today darling, you shall be honoured in all your endeavours.

May the favour of God locate you from all corners. You shall never be stranded in life, my darling husband.

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 Morning Prayers for my Future Husband

Let your fiance know you are praying for him. Every man wants to marry a praying woman. Prove to him that he’s not making a mistake, that you will be his spiritual support.

Dear Lord, I commit my future husband into your hands, make him prosper and grant him peace of mind in this world. Bless him with favour and let your face shine upon him for good. Good morning, my love.

Dear God, favour the man reading this message. And come speedily to his aid at all times even when he forgets to ask. Good morning, my love.

Father, help my man to keep his light in this dark world, help him to shine so bright so all men shall see his good works and glorify your name. Good morning, my love.

May this day mark the beginning of your success, favour, grace and prosperity. Peace is your name and happiness is your portion. Good morning, love.

May God’s grace abound towards you so that in everything you can prosper and shine so bright. May the world clearly see God’s hands in your life.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So I pray for protection, longevity, peace and happiness for your sake in Jesus name. Amen.

May the Lord settle, strengthen, establish and perfect all that concerns you in Jesus name. Good morning, my dear fiancé.

You’ve got dreams, thus, I pray that God grants you the resources and enablement to fulfil your dreams. Good morning, sweet love.

I pray with all my heart, that good things come to you and drop on your laps like immeasurably rains of blessings. Good morning, dear love.

Thenceforward, the earth shall yield its increase unto you and the heavens shall rule in your favour. May you not be weak nor put to shame. Good morning, angel.

May the good Lord show you the true meaning of love and express His grace upon you via every object and person. Good morning, my love.

May your heart never be broken, may good news abound in your abode. May God’s choicest blessings be your portion. Good morning, my love and husband to be.

May your little efforts yield great results on this day. May you experience favour from every side. Good morning, angel.

May you be a pillar of blessing and financial support to your world in Jesus name. Good morning, my darling.

In good health shall you spend the days of your life. Miracles shall exist in great measures in your home eliminating doubts and arguments from men. Good morning, dear future husband.

Good morning, my love. I pray for wisdom for you, knowledge for your prosperity and happiness for your peace of mind. Have a blessed day.

Hope you found this collection wonderful. Please share with your friends and family.

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