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la quotes

LA Quotes – Quotes that adequately describe life in Los Angeles. These quotes captures Los Angelos. And everyone who has visited or lived in LA will sure relate. 1) I could hear everything, together with the hum of my hotel neon. I never felt sadder in my life. LA is the loneliest and most brutal… Read More »

Hide and unhide facebook posts

Why not just hide and unhide a facebook post: It’s a lot better than deleting and losing all those hard earned likes. It’s the same process as deleting a Facebook post but the difference in this case is that instead of choosing delete, you choose to hide Facebook post. he difference between hiding and deleting a Facebook post is just… Read More »

Funny Messages

There could never be enough fun going around. Here is a list of the best funny messages you can send to just about anyone. Could be your girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother… And even that colleague you’ve got your eyes on. A section is also dedicated for romantically funny messages. Messages that are romantic — in… Read More »

How to deactivate fb account now

Wanna deactivate your facebook account. Here is how to do it fast. If Facebook is so boring and you are tired of all its drama, you might want to take a break from it all. So here’s what to do: Deactivating it. Check out how you can deactivate your account: How do you deactivate your… Read More »

How to change facebook password

How to change facebook password: Securing your account should be important to you because it represents you, and you should be the only person who has access to it. If someone gains access to your account, or creates an account to pretend to be you or someone else, Facebook’s team could help but you need… Read More »

How to delete facebook account

Here is how to delete your facebook account today: Deleting FB account seems a bit confusing these days because Facebook had earlier this year changed their delete settings. But this tutorial have got you covered! So you’ve got to the bridge where you have to say a farewell to everything concerning Facebook huh? If your decision… Read More »