Prayer for Love, Happiness and Peace of Mind

Prayers bring peace of mind, and a happy sense leads to a happy life. On the other hand, Prayers can change your attitude toward people, things, and even God. When you have a good relationship with such critical issues, you feel better about yourself and your daily interactions.

Morning Prayer for Happiness

O Father, please help me to find rest within your happiness. Make my smile linger upon my lips as I think back to an amazing memory of a sunlit place. Please help me to awaken each morning with hope for everything that the world has to offer. Guide me so that I can discover life in all of its infinite varieties. Please help me to discover the joy in each day and the beauty of your creation. As I go through each day, help me touch each soul I encounter and be thankful for every person in my life. Amen.”

Prayer for Love

“My Lord and my Father,
You know my desire,
The longing I have for a soul mate to find.
So lead me to fullness, take away fear,
Please fill me with joy, wipe away tears.
Moment by moment, let hope arise,
As I search and discover, open my eyes.
Take all I am, and refill my life,
Let hope be my motto, and love be my guide.”

“Father, You have searched me, and you know me. You hear my thoughts, you know my needs, breathe your life into my dreams. So I know that you understand my longing to find love. I know that you will lead me to meet someone special to walk with. I know you want to give me the desires of my heart. You are a loving Father I can share my every hope, every feeling and every dream with you. I pray that I meet someone soon who I can love, someone I can have a close relationship with, marry, and share my life with. Thank you, Father Amen.”

Prayer for Someone You Love

Lord, you know the deep love I have for this beautiful soul.
We are so thankful to have found each other.
I lift them to you now and ask for your blessing.
Please watch over them, keep and protect them.

Lord, help me to care for them as you do.
May freedom and grace surround them.
Show me how to honor them and bless our connection.
May your mercy and love follow us all the days of our lives.

We love you.


Prayer for True Love and Happiness

Dear Lord, Your Father’s heart is full of wisdom, truth and love. You lead us to enjoy the beauty in creation, to engage each day with love in our hearts. You teach us to live lives brimming with your love and goodness. We are so blessed to live in your care. Thank you that you guide us into true love and happiness with your gentle hand. We choose to give our lives to you each day. Amen.

Prayer for Love to Return

O Lord, Each moment of every day, I trust my loved one to you. May you cover them with protection, carry them through the hard times, and lead them to love and happiness. May you rekindle the fire of our love. Inspire my mind and show me anything I can do to care for my loved one. I can not always be there for them, but you are forever beside them. Each moment of every day, I trust my loved one to you. Amen.

Prayer for Happiness and Peace in Life

“Dear Lord, I pray that you bless me with true happiness and peace in life. Lead me from hate, restless mind, anxiety, and anger to love,  give me peace, from fear of death to eternal life.”

Dear Lord, when I suffer despair and lack confidence, lead me to hope, faith, and trust. Lead me from dishonesty and deceit toward eternal truth. Allow lasting peace and tranquility to fill my heart, mind, life, and world. Amen.”

“Lord, I ask that you lead me to peace and happiness. Lead me away from hate and toward love. From war, give me peace. Lead me from death to eternal life. When I suffer despair and fear, lead me to hope and trust. Lead me away from falsehood and toward your truth. Allow peace to fill my heart, my life and my world. Amen.”

Prayer for Happiness in Every Moment of Life

O God, please help me to find rest and happiness within your plan. Make my lips smile longer as I think of moving to an amazing sunlit place. Let me awaken each morning with hope for everything that the world has to offer.

Please help me so that I can discover peace, prosperity, and happiness in life. Guide me to find joy in each day and appreciate the beauty of your creation. Teach me how to touch each soul I meet and be thankful for every person in my life.

Teach me how to see a happy life in all of its infinite varieties. Help me to find happiness in every moment as I go through each day. Amen.

The Happiness Prayer

Grant to us, O Lord, the royalty of inward happiness and the serenity which comes from living close to thee. Daily, renew in us the sense of joy, and let the eternal spirit of the Father dwell in our souls and bodies, filling every corner of our hearts with light and grace; so that, bearing about with us the infection of good courage, we may be diffusers of life, and may meet all ills and cross accidents with gallant and high-hearted happiness, giving thee thanks always for all things.”

Prayer for Happiness and Energy

O Heavenly Father, I pray that you cheer up and refresh my spirit. Gladden my heart and mind so that I may sing your glory. Even when I am overwhelmed by despair and difficulties, guide me toward your light and be my refuge. With Your upon me, I no longer feel sorrow or grief.

In your mercy, I can rejoice in everlasting happiness and joy. I place my anxieties and worries at your feet in the faith that you gave me each challenge so that I may win over and learn. You are a better friend to me than I am to myself.

Dear Father, I pray you to guide me and strengthen me as I carry a heavy load on my weakened shoulders. The heavy burden weighs down my heart, and sometimes I doubt if at all I can bear it. When I am stressed or anxious, bring me strength and peace. I feel comforted in the power of your love. Please, Lord, bring me peace in my time of need and help me find happiness every day. Amen.

Gratitude Prayer for Happiness

Thank you, Lord, for all of your blessings in my life. Thank you for surrounding me with wonderful friends, family members, and neighbors. Thank you for giving us the gift of your beautiful world and all the skies, mountains, and lakes. Thank you for the thrill of celebrations and the enrichment of music. Thank you for all of the animals and creatures that you made. Thank you for giving us the promise of eternity and everlasting life. When I am down or depressed, please remind me of all of the many reasons why I should be thankful and guide my spirit toward your happiness.

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